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What can I expect when I attend an Oasis support group?

At Oasis support groups, you’ll find a community of support – you’ll meet people who’ve been through it and who get it in a private, safe space where you can connect, learn and share.

How much do your groups cost to join?

All of our groups are no cost to join. We know how expensive fertility treatment is – it’s part of our core values to never charge for much-needed support.

Are your support group leaders registered social workers or psychotherapists?

We have an MSW on our board who helped create all of the Oasis training materials and guidance. These materials are used to train our support group Conversation Starters, who are not registered social workers or psychotherapists – they’re people like you who have been through fertility treatment and who have now completed their fertility journey.

How big will my group be?

The maximum size for all groups is 10 attendees.

Do I have to share?

There’s no pressure to share. If you prefer to sit and listen, you are still welcome to attend.

How often do your support groups take place?

Oasis support groups take place monthly from 7:30 – 9:30 PM EST. Check our Support Groups page for upcoming dates and locations.

How long do groups go for?

Officially, groups start at 7:30 PM and end at 9:30 PM. So you’re welcome to head out after that. But groups often go longer and we love to see people connecting and chatting!

Is it mandatory to sign up for a group? Or can I just attend last minute?

You’re always welcome to join. That said, when you sign up it helps us plan ahead and keep to our maximum group size of 10 people.