By gathering with others who were going through it too, we started creating a community of people who understood, could support us, check in on us, share what they’d learned, and offer us hope. And it made all the difference.

We want to provide that same solidarity, hope and guidance to others who are struggling to build their families. First and foremost, we’re a growing support group network hoping to one day offer gatherings all over Canada. It’s also our goal to become a resource for information and treatment funding.

If you’re here, you’ve taken a huge step in reaching out for support.

We welcome you with open arms.

  • Erin F. • Co-founder and President

    I co-founded Oasis Fertility Support Network because after living through a 10 year fertility journey, I knew deep down I had to do something to support others through their fertility treatment and create community so no one would feel alone in the struggle. It was through a local support group, where I found a community of people that understood and helped get me through it, that I envisioned a world where this community could exist everywhere, for anyone.

    Beyond my role as a volunteer with Oasis, I’m a dedicated professional, serving as Vice President of Employee Benefits at my firm where we service and support small- to medium-sized companies with their employee benefit plans. With over a decade of experience, I craft innovative employee benefit solutions to enhance workplace well-being and employee satisfaction.

    My commitment to both corporate wellness and fertility support, exemplifies my dedication to improving lives. With my education background in Communications, I love any opportunity to speak and inspire by story telling and increasing awareness.

    I spent a number of years travelling overseas in the South Pacific islands doing volunteer work and leadership training, where I met my life partner Daniel. 

    If I find some spare time, I enjoy travelling and being by the water in any shape or form, snuggling my French bulldog, spending time with my family, eating mexican food… and I have a hard time turning down a glass of red wine.

  • Tiffany B. • Co-founder and Vice President

    In the fast-paced world of advertising & marketing communications I not only found a career, but a creative way to share perspectives. In the last decade I utilized my skills and passion to make a creative difference in the not-for-profit sector for intellectual and developmental services. 

    Amidst the fulfillment of my professional life, I faced a deeply personal challenge that shaped my journey in unexpected ways. A diagnosis of unexplained infertility cast a shadow over my ultimate dream of starting a family. Undeterred by the obstacles ahead, I embarked on a journey marked by hope, resilience and unwavering determination.

    Through medicated cycles and four unsuccessful rounds of IUI, my family faced heartbreak and disappointment. The decision to pursue two rounds of IVF was not an easy one. I experienced many physical demands and countless obstacles along the way. Amidst the challenges my family held onto hope, fuelled by the love and determination that burned within our hearts. In the end the perseverance paid off and we were blessed with the most precious gift of all – a son.

    During this time I found solace and strength in the support of “perfect strangers”. I found a community of women who shared my struggles and dreams. Our shared experiences and unwavering support for each other truly was a beacon of hope that guided me through the darkest moments of my journey.

    These aforementioned points inspired me to co-found Oasis Fertility Support Network. With a heart full of empathy and a desire to support others on their fertility journeys, I made the choice to embark on a new mission where I could offer a sanctuary where community, support, education and resources can help uplift and empower individuals facing similar challenges.

  • Caley S. • Executive Board - Director of Communications

    I was so happy to join the Oasis executive board as Director of Communications with the hope of giving back to the wonderful community I discovered on my fertility journey. I don’t know how I would have gotten through the hardest days without them. I spent years with the super fun “unexplained infertility” diagnosis, constantly being told everything looked great… yet nothing was working. Three rounds of IVF later, a laparoscopy surgery revealed endometriosis as well as - surprise! - a septate uterus. Through it all, with the help of this community, I never stopped fighting for answers and advocating for myself.

    In my work life, I’m an Associate Creative Director in advertising specializing in healthcare communications. I’m all about making complicated information feel accessible and look beautiful. My master’s degree in literature instilled in me a profound appreciation for the power of storytelling to captivate attention, transcend barriers and drive meaningful connections. After all, support group is where we come to tell our stories and to learn from the stories of others in the community – I think there’s a lot of power in that.

  • Jackie F. • Executive Board - Treasurer

    I’m a professional with over 15 years of management experience in the non-profit sector and an additional 12 years overseeing finance departments for private and family businesses. I’m excited to bring my organizational expertise and financial acumen to my role as Treasurer with Oasis. Being part of 2 family businesses, I’m also skilled at navigating the delicate nature of dual relationships and have successfully helped others to do the same. In recent years, I’ve managed construction project finances, coached senior leaders to prepare for difficult conversations and facilitated workshops on mental health, engagement, communication and leadership development.

    Having witnessed the emotional and challenging journey of family and friends struggling with infertility, I have a genuine interest in contributing meaningfully to an organization like Oasis. Joining Oasis Fertility Support Network allows me to merge my professional skills with my personal commitment to building community.

  • Lindsay R. • Executive Board - Director of Support and Care

    I’m a Registered Social Worker specializing in perinatal mental health with a focus on grief and bereavement after pregnancy loss, pregnancy after loss, struggles with fertility, new parenthood and life transitions. I’m passionate about supporting women, birthing persons and their families through their journey.

    My own journey to motherhood was not a smooth or linear one. I experienced struggles with fertility as well as pregnancy losses, and after having my son, I recognized a need for more support during this critical time within a family system. This realization propelled me toward specialized training and ignited a passion for helping support families.

    I have advanced training in perinatal mood disorders, perinatal substance use, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), mindfulness, narrative therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). I am also certified as a compassionate bereavement care provider.

    I’m a founding director of Oasis serving in our executive committee as our Director of Support and Care, ensuring everyone who volunteers for Oasis is supported in their role.

  • Sarah S. • Board Member

    I’m passionate about advocacy and education surrounding fertility and personal wellness, and I apply that passion daily as an office coordinator at a large wellness centre. My training is as a teacher, where I gained extensive people and communication skills. I’m enthusiastic about volunteer work and I find satisfaction in helping others navigate their fertility

    I’m a fertility warrior and mama through adoption. I’m also an avid camper, fur-mom and world traveler. I discovered Oasis when I was in my darkest space and had lost all hope of becoming a mother. With the help of the community at Oasis, I found my light again and was able to move through to the other side of my fertility journey.

    I’m a conversation starter for the infertility support group, I’m happy to jump in whenever a helping hand is needed and I’m always up for a new project. I look forward to being a long-time team member with Oasis and building community, support and understanding for all the fertility warriors!

  • Taylor T. • Board Member

    I’m Taylor and I’m a previous fertility nurse, fierce patient advocate and conversation starter, and I serve on the Oasis board of directors! I previously struggled with secondary infertility prior to giving birth to my daughter in 2015; I now have two children. 

    I decided to become a conversation starter because as a previous fertility nurse, I have seen the lack of mental health and emotional support for people going through fertility struggles. I wanted to help to bridge that gap and help fertility patients feel heard, seen and supported.

  • Shannon B. • Board Member

    I’m a creative entrepreneur specializing in the wedding and event world. With a strong passion for creativity, I created my business, SB Creative Studio, which focuses on providing experiential design, styling and coordination services for weddings, events, brands and creatives.

    As the Oasis events lead, I’m commitment to helping others struggling in the fertility world. This commitment comes from my own ongoing journey: after over 6 years trying to grow my family, with countless IUIs, 1 round of IVF and 3 miscarriages, I’m moving on to my second round of IVF this spring. Connecting with other people in the fertility community is something I really advocate for because I know how lonely this journey can feel.

    Outside of work and fertility, I spend a lot of time hiking in the forest with my 2 dogs, reading, cooking and expressing myself creatively however I can.

  • Ashley R. • Board Member

    I’m a Medical Radiation Technologist with a passion for helping others. While working in the field, I gained valuable experience in patient care and diagnostics. Recently, I decided to pursue a career in teaching; I currently work with young learners in elementary school. In addition to my professional endeavors, I’ve undergone extensive fertility treatments, including donor egg IVF, to have my son.

    Recently I’ve been navigating secondary infertility in the hopes of expanding my family. Through my own journey, I developed a deep empathy for others facing similar challenges and I’m dedicated to supporting them in any way possible.

    At Oasis, I lead our innovative projects team and I’m committed to the mission of creating community in all that we do. My goal is to make the fertility journey a little easier for others by sharing my personal experiences and knowledge.